REMS KaliGrat E

Calibration tool and outer-inner pipe deburrer

REMS KaliGrat E
Robust quality tool for calibration and outer-inner deburring of pipes. By hand or electrically.
Multilayer composite pipes Ø 14 – 63 mm

REMS KaliGrat E – simultaneous calibration and outer-inner deburring. Ratchet handle with interchangeable calibration and deburring heads, with quick-change holder.




 <br/>Plastic carrying case w/insert
 <br/>REMS KaliGrat E Ø 14x2 mm
 <br/>REMS KaliGrat E Ø 16x2 mm
 <br/>REMS KaliGrat E Ø 16x2,25 mm
 <br/>REMS KaliGrat E Ø 18x2 mm
 <br/>REMS KaliGrat E Ø 20x2 mm
 <br/>REMS KaliGrat E Ø 20x2,25 mm