REMS Ax-Press 30 22 V

Cordless axial press 30 kN

REMS Ax-Press 30 22 V
Compact, handy electric tool for producing compression sleeve joints with crimping sleeve. For trade and industry. For the building site and the workshop. Li-Ion 22 V Technology. For battery and corded operation.

Axial compression Ø 12-32mm

REMS Ax-Press 30 22 V - up to Ø 32 mm. Ultra light, ultra small, ultra handy, ultra fast. Li-Ion 21.6 V, 1.5 Ah battery for approx. 130 pressings Georg Fischer pfci ALUPEX-EXPRESS Ø 16 with one battery charge.

Operating instruction Ax-Press 30 22 V (PDF)
Parts list Ax-Press 30 22 V (PDF)

Verwendungsübersicht REMS Akku-Werkzeuge-Akkus-Schnellladegeräte-SPV (PDF)

Safety instructions Akkus, Schnellladegeräte, Spannungsversorgungen (PDF)


REMS Ax-Press 30 Basic-Pack 573018 R220
 <br/>REMS Ax-Press 30 Basic-Pack
 <br/>REMS Ax-Press 30 Basic-PackÖP


REMS Ax-Press 30 22V 573008 R22
 <br/>REMS Ax-Press 30  22V

Battery Li-Ion 21.6V 1.5Ah 571570 R22
 <br/>Battery Li-Ion 21.6V  1.5Ah

Battery Li-Ion 21.6V 2.5Ah 571571 R22
 <br/>Battery Li-Ion 21.6V  2.5Ah

21.6V 5.0Ah Li-Ion battery 571581 R22
 <br/>21.6V  5.0Ah Li-Ion battery

Battery Li-ion 21.6V 9.0Ah 571583 R22
 <br/>Battery Li-ion 21.6V  9.0Ah
 <br/>Power-Pack 22V 1.5Ah/230V 90W
 <br/>Power-Pack 22V 5.0Ah/230V 90W